Mirriyuula Collies 

Our PON's

Polski  Owczarek Nizinny

affectionately known as


 RUBIS Australian GRAND Ch/American Ch/CKC International Champion

WhiteStar's Its All In The Family (Imp USA)


Whelped : 19th January, 2005

Sire : American Champion WhiteStar's Paddington Bear
Dam : American Champion WhiteStar's Sweet Little Liza Jane


After a search of the world, and a wait of nearly 5 years, Connor arrived in Australia May 2006. At his first show after his release from quarantine in June 2006 he achieved his first Best Exhibit in Group (Group 1). In only five weekends of shows he had achieved his Australian Champion Title, also being awarded numerous Class in Group and Class in Show awards along the way.

Connor consistantly appears in the Group line ups and is being recognised and appreciated by more judges and exhibitors.

Connor is the  FIRST of the breed to obtain a Grand Champion title worldwide.

Connor received his angel wings 9th October 2019

Run Free my gorgeous boy and always with a toy in your mouth


Australian Champion Ponavie Aphrodite Goddess of Love (Imp USA)


Whelped 20th July, 2007

Sire : Am Ch Zhiggins Goral White Star z Banciarni
Dam : Am Ch Gardenia z Ganghu Dlugich CD



 Multi BIS/RUBIS/BEIG Australian GRAND Champion Bazia Bacowa z Banciarni (Imp Pol)


Whelped : 6th October, 2007 

Sire: Polish Champion Urok z Jurajskiego Zrodia
Dam : Polish Champion Pyza Goralka z Banciarni


Jaga via Rivendall (Imp Pol)


Whelped : 9th April, 2010

Sire : Pol Ch Elegant Gazda z Banciarni
Dam : Pol Ch Viva Afera



BIS/Multi BEIG Australian GRAND Champion Kibic Polski Akcent (Imp Pol)


Whelped : 23rd April, 2010

Sire : Lider Gazda z Banciarni
Dam : Polish Champion Bursztynowa Chluba


Australian Champion Slodka Dobrana Para (Imp Pol)


Whelped : 22nd December 2011

Sire : Mieszko z Norblinskiej Doliny
Dam : Polish Champion Gratka Dobrana Para


 Australian Champion Mirriyuula Jemima Puddleduck


Whelped : 1st July, 2013

Sire : Australian Grand Champion Kibic Polski Akcent (Imp Pol)
Dam : Jaga via Rivendall (Imp Pol)


Australian GRAND Champion Mirriyuula Heffalumps N Woozels


Whelped : 20th August, 2015

 loved & presented by Anne Hicking

Sire : Aust Grand Ch kibic Polski Akcent (Imp Pol)
Dam : Aust Ch Slodka Dobrana Para (Imp Pol)



Australian Champion Mirriyuula Playboy


litter brother to Mopsy (pictured below)

loved & presented by Janelle Sleebs


Australian Champion Mirriyuula Flopsy Mopsy


Whelped : 24th August, 2017

Sire : Aust Gr Ch Kibic Polski Akcent (Imp Pol)
Dam : Aust Ch Slodka Dobrana Para (Imp Pol)


Mirriyuula Jabberwokki


Whelped : 22nd November, 2018

Sire : Aust Ch Mirriyuula Heffalump N Whoozels
Dam : Aust Ch Mirriyuula Jemima Puddleduck





























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